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Artist Bio and Statement

Len Shyles was born in New York and has been painting since the mid- ‘90s. Since 2015, he has lived in Lewes, Delaware.

With more than four decades teaching video production and photography, Len is inspired by classical and contemporary painting, cinema, and digital media.

His videos have been featured on cable television and can be viewed on YouTube; his books on video and new digital media are available on Amazon; his paintings are regularly displayed at the Member’s Gallery of the Rehoboth Art League in Delaware.

Len designs his paintings to capture viewers’ interest, attention and pleasure.  

Len is happy to accept landscape, portrait and still life commissions.

To contact Len, email him here

Process and materials—how I work

I paint in oil on canvas or firmer surfaces like birch board and panels, using classical techniques. After applying several layers of gesso, I use my own reference photos to draw the image I want to paint. I often tone my surface with a thin, transparent layer of earth color to get a more accurate read when applying subsequent colors. My application of paint is done in thin layers, leaving opportunities for improving as I go. My painting medium and the thin layers I use also shorten drying time.

Emotions, experience and motivation—why I work 

I have two motivations when I paint; both place my audience at the center of the process. First, I ask myself, “What do I want to achieve with my patrons?” Second, I prefer to stay in positive territory, promoting happiness with viewers of my work. In short, if my art can give a fellow traveler a respite, then so much the better.